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Even a very imaginative writer could not have done better.It was 0 h 11 this October 13 in the Atacama Desert,Chile.Coming out buy cheap oakleys of the bowels of the Earth,a kind of cigar grid in its lower part and hit on the top of the Chilean colors on its hull dust marks and traces left by the buy cheap oakleys rocks hung upon his ascent 700 meters - twice the size of the Eiffel Tower - finally made the world of the living Florencio Avalos,the first of 33 miners buried in the San Jose mine for 69 days.No writer could not have dreamed not of such a global audience because all the TV channels or cheap oakleys glasses so - Europe was favored by jet lag - interrupted their program at least when the first rescue survivors.A CNN specialist even said,perhaps with some exaggeration,that what had happened at the buy cheap oakleys dawn of that morning was,in millions of viewers,comparable to the retransmission of the first steps Armstrong on the moon.These healthy cheap oakleys glasses income 33 miners underground and sound of their exile,the whole world saw them so finding one after another the surface.And he saw them protected by special glasses,to avoid after their confinement,if not at least in the dark with makeshift lighting,their retina is cheap oakleys glasses damaged by light.This spotlights that lit the stage,or the more intense again,the desert sun.These glasses have a story: one of the doctors who followed the miners had confided his concerns to a Chilean journalist who covered since August relief operations.

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There were no glasses on the market that meet the specifications he wanted to protect the eyes of the men who cheap oakleys glasses would regain the surface,while enabling them to recognize their relatives,possibly distinguish official (Chilean President Sebastian Pi?era attended every ascent),but especially to cheap oakleys glasses rediscover a life,landscapes they had thought lost forever.The Chilean journalist had the idea of ??turning to the company Oakley,California,whose glasses are especially popular with skiers.And it immediately responded positively,contacted the Chilean Ministry of Health to accurately know the expected characteristics of protective glasses and launched without waiting for the production of glasses.Thirty-five pairs,type "radar" with glasses called cheap oakleys "black iridium",part of a $ 450 value,have been ordered,shipped to the San José mine and offered to help.During the 24 hours that lasted the rescue,we could not see it with their black color slightly iridescent and curved forms,covering part of the face of the freed captives out of their pod.Jackpot for Oakley with a bet of 15,750 dollars,prices eyewear,the company,according to specialists and counting only on television,is the cheap oakleys glasses equivalent of a marketing campaign of $ 40 million! The saga of the Chilean mine made some happy.The augmented reality glasses made by Google soon will they design besides being technology? Google has partnered with Italian luxury frames manufacturer Luxottica,which owns,among others,Ray-Ban and Oakley brands.These initial glasses could be marketed from 2015,said the cheap oakleys head of the Italian company,Andrea Guerra,in an interview with Italian daily La Repubblica.The alliance between the two companies "unit one of the companies at the forefront of high-tech innovation with one of the best entities in the field of design,creativity and sensitivity to consumer needs," s 'he enthused.Other marks Luxottica consideredAt luxury bezel,luxury prices? Already today,Google Glass are reserved for a prototype cheap oakleys "explorers" handpicked,willing to pay 1500 dollars for a test.

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However,Google plans to offer the subject at a larger scale by the end of the year.The project is developed with Luxottica cheap oakleys "glasses that can be lived with serenity,ease and lightness," said Andrea Guerra,"Not only gadgets,but objects that bring real benefits.Our role is to find a model activity (price,function,use) oakleys "The Web giant is already planning to exclusive collections.And could extend its agreement with other brands of Luxottica,like Persol,Chanel,Versace or Prada.Google Glass glasses are connected to the Internet.They respond to voice cheap oakleys sunglasses commands or eye,to photograph,film or send messages.But many other applications are being developed.Among the young designers taking their first steps on the Paris catwalks in recent seasons,the Frenchy Julien David is undoubtedly one of the most promising.And for proof,the man does not lack ideas.His latest feat of arms? His collaboration with the US lunettier Oakley.Result: Frogskins,the iconic model of the cheap oakleys 80s,revisited and offered in two versions,matt or metallic blue.Everything is customized with the reason that signs the new autumn-winter collection by Julien - of cheap oakleys sunglasses pixilated palms - presented a few days ago during the Paris Fashion Week.The young designer - who won in 2012 the prestigious Grand Prix Andam LVMH - is not his first attempt.Last summer,he already presented his collaboration cheap oakleys sunglasses with the Australian giant Quiksilver on his parade.A talent to follow closely.Just a few months ago I presented the Sunglasses Shop online store whose offer is dedicated to sunglasses.

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